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I often travel with friends.  Here are a few of them who go on these adventures with me.

Becky is my Co-Pilot on these experiences.

She tries to keep me from doing things that are too stupid.

Se also doesn’t like heights.  So she misses part of every trip with her eyes closed.

This is the Rusty Nuts Offroaders crew-  They allow me to join them (even though I’m the city boy) and we all have a BLAST.

These are some of my favorite people.  Tyler and Nora.  They are the reason I was able to start Wanderlusting, Offroading, etc.  And they have dragged me out of many a hole.

This is ‘Cinco’ (So named by being the 5th Chris I hired at Eltoro).  The Wanderlust is real with this one.

Follow Along!  We all have Wanderlust, and we all learn things from each other.

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