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Jeep JK 1Ton Conversion

I decided to upgrade my offroad Jeep to 1Ton axles.. and so it begins.

I found a good deal on a set of 1Ton axles on Facebook marketplace, so I quickly snapped them up.,, grabbed my trailer, and drove to Columbus OH to bring them back

Dana 60 front Sterling 10.25 Rear, Disc Brakes Front and Rear, New in box Artec JK one ton swap kits with Tone rings. All for $1000… each of the artec kits were worth >500 each, and each axle was worth $1000 each.. so I figure I got $3k of stuff for $1k
I am pretty sure it’s from a 97 Ford.

First steps, was to pay a friend (who is wayyyy more auto mechanic than I am) to help.

Ok, actually I sat on the axles for 9 months before starting, but really just because of Covid… ok.. back to the story.

He removed my old axles, and I got them listed on ebay.. not that I’ll get near enough for them, but every bit is going to add up.. this project is already getting expensive….

Some work on the axles is started… Artec kits being installed


Gonna need a new Yolk, so got it ordered.

Old yoke wouldn’t clear a bunch, and new yolk would be much smarter.. do it right rich.. do it right.

And eventually new (stronger) drive shafts.. once we know how long to order them

Ok, now that we’re starting to figure out what I’ll need.. I have stuff to order.

Fuel Tank.. the JK tank is gonna have to go, apparently, drive shaft is likely not going to clear.. … … didn’t count on that.. OK, figured out a way to swap to a TJ tank and put it under the trunk. 

Found a TJ tank on ebay and ordered it.. it’s soo much smaller than the JK tank, but hold about the same amount of fuel.  Nice.
Well, I also needed a skid plate and pump extension kit.. ordered those too


Lots more clearance under the Jeep now that the HUGE gas tank is gone

Ok.. Mechanic Break

Back to the stuff I need to order… Yeah, Gonna need new tires.

So I ordered a set of 37″ Maxxis tires.. Damn they have some traction..

and I’m gonna need new rims for the new axles.. of course I am, duh.. ok, found a set of those on marketplace as well.. I NEED beadlocks in my life.

Well, the new tires are gonna mean I need to do some body mods to get them to fit well… that’s gonna be a todo after we get the axles in and working…

I was going to also need new Gears and Lockers, so I ordered air lockers, compressor, new gears (Went with 5.38 gears).. man that pile is expensive and heavy, but going to have some serious power!

Another Mechanic Break

I’ll keep posting as we go along… more to come.