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Richard Teachout

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) by Day
Tech Influencer / Public Speaker

Adventurer on Weekends and Vacations
Jeep Offroading
Overlanding Trips

Charistmatic Tech Leader by Day

Rich is the CTO of El Toro Internet Marketing (  El Toro was Ranked No. 13 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500.  He is a charismatic leader of a huge development team, a public speaker for seminars, and regularly mentors and tries to help everyone he can become the best they can be.

Experience Driven Adventurer on Weekends and Vacations

Pushes the limits, Finding unique things to do, and shares them with the world.

Full Transparency

Rich started this blog in August of 2020.  It will grow.  His experience in multiple industries has shown him able to take something that starts at nothing, and build it to something HUGE.  His haunted houses bring in over 20,000 people annually, and was grassroots built from nothing.   They have approximately 40k fans on Facebook etc.  The tech company he works for, he helped build from a few person shop, to one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America with a team of 150 people.  His prop company grew from nothing, to a key supplier to haunted houses around the world.
He is NOT new to building a following.

This blog is just getting started.   Come along for the ride!

Social Network

5000 Friends
50 Brand Followers
(+lots of viewers on live videos)




Asylum Props
& a few others

Many videos are shared also on Facebook live.  Historically I get 50-200 people to watch live, and hundreds more watch after, with comments on posts numbering in the hundreds.  Many of my posts on forums, and specialized groups and pages get views in the thousands and often tens of thousands, even for small messages.

I generally also aim to target the right audience for your products.



Rich currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for El Toro – a nationally recognized leader in ad tech and advanced analytics. Rich is one of the original developers and part of the core brain behind the tech that fuels El Toro’s success. Since 2014, Rich and his team have been developing incredible technologies while constantly expanding the El Toro story, to reshape the advertising industry.

Rich brings over 30 years of experience from an assortment of technical realms. Across his journey, Rich has developed in 14 languages and worked with nearly all major databases. Rich operates as a hands-on leader, working together with junior to senior-level developers, all while still steering the ship. He is considered to be a highly motivated unique leader with who is one of the top outside of the box thinkers in the industry.

When he’s not leading El Toro’s tech teams, Rich runs one of Louisville’s largest haunted houses, along with a haunted house prop manufacturing company, and considers himself to be an Adventurer on weekends and vacations. He believes having great experiences and sharing them with the world.

Rich’s speaking abilities: Essentially …unlike anyone you’ve ever met. Rich is charismatic, personable and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of tech and analytics. Rich’s unique history, innate ability to wow people, and his crowd-pleasing personality make him a one of a kind presenter.


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