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How Uber saved the day while offroading

How Uber saved the day while offroading

While at Badlands, the rear passenger side tire got destroyed in the rock garden. We were out of spares at this point, so everyone starts googlng and searching for a replacement. I find a tire shop that has the size I need but closes in 10 minutes. It’s very clear that the guy will not stay till someone can go pick it up. I have the brilliant idea to call an Uber to get them to deliver to the park. So I tell the tire guy that I will call him right back. 

I arrange an Uber, talk to the driver, promise to tip him well and he agrees to bring me the tire. 

I call the tire shop back and pay for the tire over the phone, giving instructions to give the tire to the Uber driver. 

Since we were not very familiar with the park and hadn’t completely learned it’s layout, I called up to the office, told them what had been arranged, and to please hold the tire if we managed to miss the Uber driver. Their reaction to the request was entertaining to say the least. They could not believe that I had arranged the tire delivery and said it was a first for them at the park. 

By time Cinco & Becky made their way to the office to pick up the tire, the ENTIRE staff was watching and fully amused. Even the security guy said “how in the hell did you all arrange that?” Smiling and chuckling the entire time. 

They retrieve the tire, which was videoed. Thanked the driver, collected needed gear from the tow rigs and headed back. 

We field mounted the tire on the rim (not recommended) and were able to make it back to the tow rigs before the park closed. 

Thank you Uber!