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Maumee May 2020

Trip Dates

May 25 2020

Trip Destination

Maumee Offroad Park

This is a new park, so it should be INTERESTING.

Trip Goals



What is this place known for?

This old mine property has been logged and is being turned into an off-road park. The park will also include camping and fishing. The park is family-owned and operated and we would appreciate our customers maintaining a family-like environment.

This place doesn’t even have a website yet.. just a facebook page.

Some of our pics from the Trip

So what did we learn this trip?

  • Woot.. no more spares were needed..
  • But now I need an axle shaft.

Things we wanted to keep for posterity

Images, links, snippets, etc

Words of Wisdom

Let's just call this section: Advice

Remember to set your app to start/stop correctly.

Vacation Trip

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