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Interlake Recreation Area May 2020

Trip Dates

May 21, 2020

Trip Destination

Day Trip as part of our 5 day excursion

Trip Goals

Have fun, don’t break things.

So on the first day.. while we were on the way there, I realized my brand new trailer did not have trailer tires rated for the the load I was hauling.  Welp.  I have to buy a new set of 4 tires.  At the same time, Cinco had to do something for work – so he jumped on his laptop on top of his jeep, and did it.  Fun to watch that part.

What is this place known for?

Interlake State Recreation Area (ISRA), Indiana’s largest off-road vehicle property, is a 3,500-acre destination focused on trails.  Located in Pike and Warrick counties near Lynnville, the area has nearly 100 miles of trails open to ORVs, horses, mountain bikes, and hikers.

Some of our pics from the Trip

So How was DAY 1 of a 5 day Trip

Awesome.. except for losing a tire, having to get 4 tires for the trailer (count so far that’s 5).. having to go back home after the day of riding, and get my 4 spare 35″ tires from the shop (an hour away) [yes, I’m at 9 tires so far this trip]…

So what did we learn this trip?

  • I need more spare tires. fml
  • Also, if you EVER use wheel spacers.. they need to be TORQUED, not just IMPACTED in place.. that’s why my tire fell off.

Words of Wisdom

Let's just call this section: Advice

Even with lots of preparation, crap goes wrong, things are unexpected.  With a good group of friends, you can get out of anything.

Vacation Trip

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