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Meet Gadget – My 2008 Jeep JK

How was Gadget Born

Once I bought my Gladiator, I shifted my old daily driver to my off-road rig.  I originally bought the JK brand new, Nov 2007.  It was time. 🙂  But I didn’t want to get rid of it (it had a lifetime warranty and such).

Gadget is a 2008 Wrangler Unlimited X (JK)

Current Equipment

  • A 4” Rough Country lift
  • Upgraded Shocks
  • Dana 30 front axle with 512 gears
  • Dana 44 rear axle with 512 gears
  • on 37″ hummer tires.
  • Bulletproof phone mounts
  • Gaia GPS for trail mapping on an IPad Mini

Upgrade Plans

Yes, I need better axles.

I’m working on upgrading my axles to 1Ton axles

Dana60 front, and 14bolt rear.

I’ll re-gear these to 5.13 also, and add air lockers.



This upgrade is going to take a BUNCH of work.. I’ll post some videos and pics as I go along, so be sure to keep watch on our instagram and this blog.

For many years to come...

This Jeep has been good to me.  I hope to take care of her for many years to come, and she’ll keep on keeping on.

And I promise to break less things.. hence the bigger axles 🙂