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Black Mountain KY Offroad Area 2019

Trip Dates

May 24-26 2019

Trip Destination

Trip Goals

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What is this place known for?

This 7,000 acre Black Mountain Offroad Adventure area is every outdoor enthusiasts dream. Stay on the ground and ride your offroad vehicles on over 150 miles of easy, moderate and extreme trails or fly above the treetops on our 11 line zipline canopy tour.

Some of our pics from the Trip

So what did we learn this trip?

  • Becky hates Heights
  • It’s really dusty at Rush
  • There is actually some Cell Signal at the top of some of the hills
  • This was FUN

Things we wanted to keep for posterity

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Words of Wisdom

Let's just call this section: Advice

Bring some Goggles if it hasn’t rained.. it’s dusty.

On the opposite of that, you’ll likely need recovery gear if it’s wet.